Sterling silver personalized fingerprint ring, promise ring, friends ring, memorial ring, best friend ring, in memorial ring.


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Personalized text - Engraved custom fingerprint Sterling Silver Ring with name. Beautiful and personalized fingerprint ring. This sterling silver band ring, makes a perfect wedding ring, engagement ring, promise ring or anniversary ring. Fingerprint engraving may be on the outside or the inside of the ring, If no request is made, the default for the engraving is outside of the ring, and the name inside. What is the process: I need your fingerprint, so you can send it to me as a file. How take a fingerprint (See pictures above): 1. Rub a small dark area with a pencil point on a sheet of white paper. 2. Press and rub your finger in the pencil-lead dust. 3. Place the sticky side of a piece of transparent tape on the dusted finger. 4. Take the tape with the fingerprint and tape it to a clean sheet of white paper. 5. Put the paper with the tape in a scanner and take a picture. 6. Send to me a jpg or pdf file. Fingerprints may also be taken by pressing the finger into an inkpad and then pressing the finger onto a sheet of white paper. The prints may smudge if not done carefully.