Outdoor Cat Pod/2 Doors


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These coolers are very well insulated and the Cat can easily warm it up with it's own body heat. Made from a Igloo or Rubbermaid 48 qt cooler with two standard 6" Doors. Pod measures 21" x 12" x 11" deep on the inside. There is a vent in the back that allows enough air circulation so that Kitty has fresh air but not too much to lose it's warmth. There is a piece of removable carpet on the floor. We turned the cooler upside down to solve the problem with rain getting in around the lid. Add a Heated pad and your cat house will be even more warm and cozy. Measures 9"x12" Heated Pad Features: Recommended for outdoor and indoor use Only 25 watts Chew resistant features Thermostatically controlled to warm to animals normal body temperature UL Listed The pad warms up to about 15 degrees above the surrounding temp and then when it senses the cat's weight on it, it will warm up to about 100 degrees which has been determined to be the perfect temp for cats. Don't wait for cold weather to order your house, Cats need plenty of time to get use to the idea of using a new house. SHIPS TO LOWER 48 ONLY. NO P.O. BOXES WE SHIP UPS/FEDX