Nixie Tube Clock IN-14 – Wooden Desk Nixie Tube Clock – Vintage Retro Table Clock


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We offer you the exclusive lamp clock Nixie Vintage Tube completely handmade, made on the basis of the microcontroller and vintage lamps IN-14. Watch emit a warm glow lamp, for a pleasant perception of day and night. We use only original Soviet Tubes. Time has shown that they are very reliable. 

Great gift and creative thing for yourself loved one!) 
Warm desk clock, manual assembly. 
Be sure to decorate any interior. 
Attract the attention of any of your guests and will delight the host for a long time! 

- You can change brightness of lamps 
- Indication of the date of 
- Select 12 / 24 format 
- The clock has a backup coin battery to continue time counting during a power outage or transportation.  
- Training lamps (prolongs lamp life and preventing cathode poisoning) 

Package contents:
Nixie clock  
Power adapter 5V DC, 1A 110-240V  with EU/US plug 
User's manual 

Please note, these are handmade items so actual colors may slightly vary from the pictures.