Essential Oils Storage Rack


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My "standard size" measure about 18 inches wide (side to side total), about 22 inches tall, and 2 inches deep (front to back) but can be modified. My "standard" spacing between shelves is 3.75" - no one has ever complained that it's not enough for nail polishes or essential oils. Note that the height will vary if you change the spacing! I will include two drywall/stud mounting anchors rated at 50 lbs each. You will only need a screwdriver to put this on your wall. You will notice my other listings are similar because I try to mix in color samples. I count on customers to send me pictures so I can use them in my listings! If you buy one, please send me your pics of it! The base/standard price is for a "standard" rack - described above - with no add-ons (full backboard, wire rope, deeper, pine wood, etc) The production time is listed as 7 days to give me a time cushion because amazon punishes for late shipping on top of already keeping 15% of my sales. I can USUALLY have these made and in the mail within 2-4 days of ordering, but please be patient as I am a full time special education teacher. ++please read "production method" for my disclaimers++